“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

– Albert Einstein

We are the Justice for Johnson Project

A grassroots project committed to seeking justice for the wrongfully convicted Dr. Jason Johnson. Our website gives the public access to evidence including: bodycam footage, dashcam footage, internal emails, court transcripts, forensic transcripts, and expert testimony. We encourage you to explore the links provided and discover-

  • It is scientifically impossible for Jason to have fired to shot that wounded trooper Rebecca Seager
  • Ballistics prove Seager was shot by a member of LAW ENFORCEMENT
  • Police attempted to murder Jason Johnson
  • Police conceal and destroy evidence to frame Jason
  • Police tampered with Body Cameras
  • Police violated Jason’s Civil Rights

** Please note: There is currently an ongoing, “Open” investigation of the New York State Police Officers involved in this scandal. NY State Governor Kathy Hochul’s Office has referred this case to the New York State Police, Department of Internal Affairs, Syracuse NY. The investigation will take several months to complete.

As you explore the evidence you will discover that Jason Johnson was the victim of Police Crime. The evidence doesn’t lie, it exposes the truth about the New York State Police and the Broome County Sheriffs involved in this case. Their blaring misconduct and corruption ultimately lead to their own financial gain as they lied to the public and hailed themselves as heroes.  Several of the officers involved used this tragedy to promote themselves, all at the expense of Jason’s freedom. We are asking the public to join us in demanding that the truth be brought to light and ultimately work with the Justice for Johnson Project to free Dr. Jason Johnson. We encourage you to contact us with your thoughts and critical feedback! Please share our link and help us demand justice for Jason Johnson, thank you!